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Here are some testimonials from previous clients:

Micki helped me to understand why things in my relationship were spiraling out of control.
Micki helped me to sit with the difficult feelings, I ordinarily just want to push away.
This helped me to confront my deamons and deal with them.

I would highly recommend Micki as an extremely good counsellor. Further to her professionalism and knowledge base in helping with my counselling issues I also found her to be very friendly, open and warm which helped me feel very comfortably within a short period of time which was imperative to enable me to open up and delve deeper into my counselling issues.


Micki put everything into perspective; she helped us open the communication lines and understand how we made each other feel. We quickly realised that quite often we got caught up in the emotion rather than working out what the real problem was.

All in all we found Micki extremely helpful, warm and approachable and I would recommend her to anyone who was experiencing relationship issues.


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