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Many people feel that they have worked so hard to have finally landed into a relationship that they want to be in, that they have no energy left to actually work on the relationship. They kid themselves into believing that the work is done.
The truth is that the engagement period and the first 2 years of your relationship are the most critical in that they lay the foundation for the rest of your lives. By learning the tools and skills that are necessary for dealing with difficulties as they arise, helps to infuse positivity into the relationship, so that you actually have more time for enjoyment.
Setting the stage right from the beginning of the relationship is crucial. This time in your life is precious, and once it is over it never returns.

Building a solid marriage is very much like building a home. Both require a solid foundation that is built with the finest materials, expert advice, lots of love and faith that it will work out.
10 key areas have been identified as being the most essential ingredients required for creating a long lasting and healthy relationship.

The key areas include the following:

  Conflict Resolution
  Creation of roles within the relationship
  Understanding one another's personalities
  Understanding each other's families of origin
  Creating shared goals
  Entertainment and Leisure




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