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Challenges come with any major life change. When the last child moves out of home it is a mixed blessing for most couples. On the one hand, couples feel grateful for having done a good job of raising their children and supporting them sufficiently to create new lives of their own. On the other hand, empty-nesters now have a lot more space in their lives than they are used to, and don't know how to use it. The sudden constant interface with one another often causes couples a great deal of discomfort that they don't know how to address. Many discover that previously they struggled to find the time for an active intimate and sexual life because of a lack of privacy, now struggle to do so as they have grown unused to one another.

Couples in the empty nesting stage of life need to take the time to re-know one another. This is a time for celebrating everything that you have built and reap the rewards.

This is a time in life where if no relationship work had been done before, it can be seen as an opportunity not to be missed. It can be that couples have found their lives to be reasonably smooth sailing and this is the first bump in the road. Consider using this to strengthen your relationship so that the rest of your lives are as full and joyous as possible.


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