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Couples counseling

Keeping a marriage together these days appears to many like an almost impossible feat. So what is the secret that is keeping marriages together? Is it luck or good genes? Are those couples equally miserable but just sticking it out? Or have many couples who remain married better skilled in areas that are necessary for maintaining a strong relationship? Many couples struggle to create and maintain a strong and healthy relationship as they have inherited poor relationship models from their parents.  Additionally, many couples choose a partner based upon couples disagreementan image that they are used to, which isn’t necessarily a reflection of what they need or want in a relationship. Rather this is a reflection on what they are used to from their childhood.

In an ideal world, we would all be fully aware of our childhood wounds before we get married. Many things only arise to our consciousness once we are in a relationship. It is important to be aware that if we are feeling hurt by our partner, it is often not them hurting us, but rather our previous experiences that are haunting us, and causing us to believe that our partner is against us.

By working through old childhood wounds in couple’s therapy, both parts of the couple can become more aware of how to speak to one another in a way that helps us to feel happy and safe.

Common issues that bring couples to therapy:
   Reinvigorating a flat relationship
   Sexual issues
   Difficulty connecting
   Communication Issues
   Dealing with the in-laws
   Coping with change
   Infidelity / affairs
   Achieving emotional intimacy
   Balancing family and work
  Relationship roles
  Creating relationship goals


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